NSpire game development framework

Update: Open Source’d! https://code.google.com/p/nspire-gamekit/

Been busy working on a homebrew game development framework for NSpire calculators. On top of that, I’m building a Plane port. So far, it works and I’m quite happy with it 😀

Features (so far):

  • Super easy to use – handles the game loop for you efficiently. Just set FPS and callbacks and go!
  • Supports loading sprites and images from files (need to be converted first).
  • Everything images related is bitmap based.
  • Very basic memory leakage detection (which has actually saved me once).


  • Need to open source ASAP 😀
  • Documentation
  • User defined timers
  • Drawing to a negative coordinate glitches
  • Somehow integrate a OOP language (C++ comes to mind) into it so it doesn’t need disgusting static variable declarations all over the place.

Some sexy pictures:

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